A ceremony of investiture is symbol of different important aspects of human life- growth, maturity, belief, faith, duty and sincerity, to name a few. These aspects gain heightened gravity when it is young generation that is being invested with the power to lead, the power to change, the power to amend, the power to guide and most importantly, the power to learn.

On the 15th of Dec, 2021, in the Investiture Ceremony, the Students’ Council was formally invested for the academic session 2021-22. After the badging ceremony, the whole council marched proudly to the stage and took the oath which was lead by the School Principal, Dr.Preeti Singh.

Each student of the school was instilled with a similar sense of pride and admiration on hearing their words of motivation. The parents of the Council Members, too, were filled with pride at the sight of their children marching steadily towards being leaders for tomorrow. Students presented Yoga and dance with great enthusiasm.

The Era School family hopes that the Student Council for the scholastic year 2021-22 witnesses the zenith of success and progress in its term.

"Young people aren't the leaders of tomorrow. They are the leaders of today and tomorrow" Kathy Clavin.

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