Not just comfortable accommodation, a wonderful place for camaraderie

Exclusively for those students who are not a resident of Anantapur city, Era International School offers a home away from home in the form of an elegant hostel. Not just comfortable accommodation, the hostel presents a great platform to meet other students and make friends with like-minded individuals.

Girls and boys are housed separately for privacy, and under the strict supervision of a warden and other staff members, the students follow a routine of healthy sleeping and waking up schedule. While ample time is allotted for studies, attention is given to grooming, exercising, playing, and socialising too.

Highlights of high-quality hostel life:

- Hygienic and nutritious food

- Highly safe and secure arrangement

- A mentor to always guide and help the students at any hour

- Clean surroundings

- Recreation time

- Medical care and facilities


We would love to show you around our campus