Books don’t just go with you, they take you where you’ve never been, The Students are taught to develop healthy reading habits from a tender age, which is why we emphasize inculcating reading habits in our children. Special care would be taken to train them as to how to choose good books and how to make the best use of what they read. The Library is accessible to all age groups of children on a shift basis for not less than 15 hours a days, including on some of the holidays thereby giving plenty of opportunity for the student to spend his/her leisure time more gainfully through various interesting follow up activities, fun sheets, narration, bookmark making, poster making, and various competitions, the child is hooked to reading more and more, hence learns to express critically what they have comprehended. Students are actively encouraged to use the library for independent study and research


The materials of the science are the materials of the life itself. Science is a part of reality of living. There is a laboratory with latest equipment to enable the children to practically learn the concepts thus, enabling practical learningapproach. The labs are technologically updated on a regular basis to be at par with the technological and scientific developments.

Computer Labs

Computer Lab is the operating system for all of our student’s innovation. The Era is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Its information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience, e-resources and high speed internet connectivity over 40mbps are useful instruments for enlarging students overall knowledge and perspectives.

Smart Classrooms

The altar of learning is always been the classroom but the smart classrooms at Era are a whole new world of discovery, being equipped with world class infra facilities like TATA Edge projectors and air conditioned.


The development of mind and body go hand-in-hand. In short, physical education plays vital role in creating well-rounded confident individuals. Therefore, sports are an integral part of our education system. To make them good at their respective sport, Era International School has expert coaches and trainers who impart invaluable tips to children to hone their skills. Our school have huge sports ground, an athletic track, tennis courts, basketball & skating courts that reflect our seriousness towards sports. Cricket, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, throw ball, basketball, etc are played.

Music & Dance

India classical & folk dance, western music and dance, instrumental music and singing are offered to students to develop their skills and musical appreciation. Each child takes part in at least on activity at the annual cultural event to develop stage confidence.

Art and craft

We are well-equipped Art & Craft rooms. Children enjoy hobby classes of soft toys and doll making, Knitting, needle work, weaving, appliqué work, bead work, book binding, candle making pottery, sculpture with wood and clay, various Kinds of painting, embroidery, fashion designing theatre, recycling of paper, cooking, baking etc.